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Mittal Teas

From the mystical land of India, they bring the finest qualities of tea. Savor these exotic characterful and fragrant teas, give your taste buds a lingering taste, full-bodied flavour, and a seductive aroma. Mittal teas have longstanding relationships with tea gardens in India, Japan, China which enable them to procure the best of teas. All teas are hand-picked and tested by their professional team of tea tasters.

Exotic tea in hand crafted flavours?
Perfect for unique wedding favours!

Weddings in India are just about the most important occasions and we go to the ends of the world to make sure that this special day is perfect in every aspect. So while we’re shopping for the most stunning lehenga and booking the grandest venue, let’s not forget wedding favours!

Traditionally, Indian weddings are so used to gifting guests with that standard box of mithai but in recent times, we have a lot more options to choose from!

The solution

Enter the tea mood wheel, a fun and interactive tool designed to help consumers select tea based on their mood. The mood wheel is essentially the centrepiece of the cook.

Ideation and Model

With the primary product necessities defined, uncovered prosperity of chances around UX and configuration, ideated numerous arrangements, continuously refining the methodology, and creating starting representations and thoughts into a fully functioning interactive model.


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