Arihant Books

A brand refresh for India’s
leading publishing company.

Arihant Publication India Limited

Only publisher in the country that publishes for almost all the segments of education, be it schools, Entrances, Competitions or Government Recruitment Exams. Success and Nothing Less isn’t just a statement or a punchline. It’s a promise that lies at the core of Arihant and its endeavours. Over last two decades, we have been relentlessly in pursuit of most appropriate and deemed-fit content for your exam needs. With a single Vision to produce accountable, balanced, innovative and right content for every sphere of education, Arihant currently is India’s leading Test prep Publisher.

Democratise Book Publishing

A clear, unique positioning for Arihant Books that stemmed from the founder’s vision of ‘democratising publishing’.

The Logo and the Colour System

For the colours, we drew inspiration from orange hues and bright pastels that are catchy to the eyes and stimulate a great future.

Education illustration

Educational illustrations promote effective learning by providing visual explanation of the written content. And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words!! Since images are critical in promoting visual associations in learners, accurate and appropriate illustrations are vital for any educational content.

Wow their audience by using these Education illustrations to communicate conceptual images such as giving a lesson,
teaching, taking an exam, or even learning languages

Iconography is the containment of deeper meanings in simple representations.
We make use of symbolism to generate narrative, which in turn develops a work’s meaning.

A vision for artisan patterns is beautiful

Establishning a strong visual identity and striking collateral for the full. Created a brand that captured the craft and the heritage of pattern-making. A bespoke typeface. informed by traditional stencil lettering found on dress mannequins. formed the cornerstone of the visual language . The brand has grown to encompass books and magazines.

Tactility that speaks to aspiration

As an educational product that sold increasingly online, the brand needed to build desire purely through the visual sense. Tactility was the weapon of choice, expressed through an array of physical materials and evocative textures. of course, it smells breath-taking.


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