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Behind Maxime Studio is the west-southwest wind, the most important wind in the world. It's seed flight gives rise to plants and provides new life. It offers the creative breeding ground on which young ideas and trend-setting thoughts blossom to full splendor. We believe that brands today have to appear authentic and approachable in order to be heard. We combine this understanding with our instinct for digital trends and technologies in order to develop ideas that have substance and are effective.

We offer orientation
and give a boost

We help brands make new friends. We make use of the entire digital toolbox to reach people, to carry them away and to move them. We know the possibilities of social networks only too well - but social media can be so much more. We help companies to eploit the full range of digital communication. Our daily work includes the maintenance of social media channels, as well as creative campaigns, attractive microsites and elegant apps.

We create new points of contact between brands and people

As a digital creative agency, we combine creativity with technical know-how. With us, social media meet user experience. In this way, we open up new ways for our customers to enter into a genuine dialogue with their target.

Marketing Strategy

We take pride in every brand in our portfolio. We research, plan, and develop branding, social and communications strategies for leading names and emerging contenders.


Creative Solutions

From idea to implementation, we deliver creative solutions and brand experiences that give brands the freedom to speak louder, scale faster and grow stronger.

Brand experiences

A great brand experience is designed from everyday interactions to special events. Every moment matters. We create big brand ideas that move people, experiences that inspire sharing and create lasting connections. We do “Wow.”


Simplicity creates value and opportunity.

Our team is an accumulation of some of the best creative minds from around the nation. They aspire to apply inventive and novel solutions to all problems that arise, giving brands the freedom to speak louder, scale faster and grow stronger.

Santu Singh

Founding Partner

Santu is Head of Art for Maxime Studio Noida with over 25 years of experience in the industry, covering multiple disciplines in art direction, design and branding across some of the big brands in the country such as Bonton, Aquafresh, Glen, and Tums.

Santu believes in transformation using creativity that stems from the core product backed by a clear proposition and a strong brand point of view. His biggest joy comes when this creativity can change the fortunes of the brands he works with.Always close to the creative work he now passionately oversees the work coming out of the agency. Experienced – Yes. Tired – No way.

Quite frankly you can’t keep this man down. Santu is a muliti award winning creative but the thing about Santu is he is still as keen as the day he was born into Ad land. For him the best is yet to come. Santu wears his experience lightly and believes that his journey has just begun. And seriously, if you ever get the chance to meet the guy. Do it.


Arvind Vyas

Founding Member

Arvind has spent over 30 years as a guru and leader in the design and copywriting for some of the biggest and most influential brands in the country, including Real fruit juice, Aquafresh, Bonton, Suprol, and Verka foods.

A long-standing member of the team and has worked in both our Delhi and Noida offices, Arvind has overlooked projects for clients at Maxime Studio. Arvind commands creative output across all of Maxime Studio Noida’s clients, cultivating the agency’s reputation for ambitious, brand-transforming creativity across every channel.Full service. Shared vision. That is the thing that this flourishing client-agency relationship is throughout.

Arvind is proud to help deliver creativity, data, and technology for what matters most. An always more crazy client experience conveyed from our quick turnaround innovative delivery Studio.

Kiran S.

Founder Partner

Kiran S. as a partner at Maxime Studio, polishing the financial side of the agency activities. She is responsible for the cooperation, retention, and development of Maxime Studio. Kiran is keen on cutting-edge technologies, digital tools, and marketing approaches that drive every sale up. She's worked in an office-based record administration & methodology limit my entire profession and for particular phenomenal individuals from everywhere.

You have had years of experience - what advice would you give to future interns looking for a first job in our industry or just starting?

Try not to be modest about approaching an assessment. It will in-broad be overpowering, it's not hard to be serene and agree, yet your perspective will be generous. Moreover, if you voice an assessment and get an answer or complaint, you learn! If you do not, you will not. I do likewise say, deal to help whatever number individuals as would be prudent, contribute, and be a resource so you acquire information on however many things as could be expected under the circumstances.Kiran invests strongly in the person all around her, more than anything else defines her way to deal with life and Maxime Studio.

narendra singh
maxime studio founder

Narendra Singh

Founding Member
“I love helping brands simplify and make
an impact, adopt things to be a cut above,
is what I care more. ”

For over twenty-five years, Narry has worked with TBWA & various Advertising Agencies. Narry is an experienced design leader who combines business and creativity here at Maxime Studio.Not only an experienced design leader but also a value Lensman who is excited about collaborating with clients, listening to the needs of their customers. Assisting them with utilizing the force of plan to recognize and capture new freedoms that convey creative experiences.As a founder member, he supports the team to their best work, partnering with our clients to understand their needs, building value, and enabling growth. Inventively he pushes compassion, interest, and specialty in discovering better approaches to tackle issues that make a difference.


Founding Member

Chandrima is an accomplished plan pioneer who joins business and creativity here at Maxime Studio. A student of JJ School of Art started her career with Ogilvy and Mather.  Continued her journey for more than nine years with TBWA & many other advertising agencies.

As a founder member, she supports the team do their best work, partnering with our clients to understand their needs, to solve problems that make a difference.She plays numerous correlative parts that permit her to take a client, team member, creative, and market perspective. She leads our teams, serves as a strategic sounding board for our clients across sectors, and oversees the growth of the business as a Founding member and management team member.

maxime studio 
founding member

Om Prakash Jha

Creative digital Head

Dealing with Internet communication from last 10+ years with close understand of the clients need when it comes to revenue generation . Om wants to introduce himself as an end user based Internet Communication Consultant, where he focus more on Human Computer interaction along with taking care of different search engine algorithms like google (rest of world expect china , japan and south korea) , baidu (china) , yandex(Russia), naver(South Korea) . Another area of focus for me & my team is strong, sensible ,related keywords research methodologies according to the search engine algorithms. Our Strength is our Implementation strategy as we believe that creating strategies and implementing it, Is an area of gap for maximum project management entities.

Aditi Malhotra

Aditi Ranhotra

Creative Associate

Graduatedwith a Bachelors in Fine Arts from College of Art, Delhi. Aditi’s skills lie intelling more with less. With 10 years of professional experience, Aditi bringskeen insight into the practice and consumption of design. She has collaboratedwith multiple brands and creative agencies.

Anita kaushik
Bussiness Development manager

Anita kaushik

Administration/Office Head

Anita works to support the management teams and clients at Maxime. At Maxime, She is mainly responsible for business development, customer acquisition and topics surrounding client relations. She joined Maxime from Noida where she worked closely with the Maxime's Founder members.

anand singh
Graphics Designer
at maxime studio

Anand singh

Video Editing

As a film/video editor manages footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects to produce a final film or video product. Anand doing a key role in the post-pro-duction process and your skills can determine the quality and deliver finished result.

varun garwal
Digital marketing
maxime studio

Varun Garwal

Digital Marketer

A data lover at heart, his passion for digital marketing, especially Search Engine Advertising, knows no bounds. Varun uses his strategic strengths to plan, execute and optimize various digital campaigns for our partners at Maxime.He has been working on SEO from early age of 19. Varun enjoys Composing music and video editing outside of work.

Bhanu sharma
Web Developer
Maxime Studio

Bhanu Sharma

Web Developer

He has been making websites & marketing then since he was 18.  He has proudly delivered innovatively designed websites to multiple clients and handles the technology part of the company. He’s a code lover. He also works on content-driven inbound B2B & handles the overall brand aspect for Maxime.

Here's what we beleive in:


At Maxime Studio, we encourage each team member to pursue their passions and hobbies, and we fully support them in doing so.


Maxime Studio is built around a constant pursuit of knowledge. Marketing is a fast-evolving discipline, and we dedicate a significant amount of time to educating our employees and clients on the latest marketing, development, and design trends.

Hard Work

The Maxime team works hard to keep clients happy and to deliver the best service for their budget. With an extremely active methodology, we commit 100% of our capacities and energy to deliver positive results, help our clients reach the top, and beat their rivals.


Maxime Studio and clients make up a family of individuals dedicated to supporting one another. We're particular with regards to whom we recruit or work for, and work to encourage extraordinary connections and altruism through different endeavours, for example, our yearly summer trip and casual customer social events.


At Maxime Studio, we believe in transparency and servitude. Rather than pursuing the bottom line in a race to turn a profit, we centered around supporting the Client's needs expectations, speaking with the highest clearness and trustworthiness, and just seeking after an undertaking when we can prevail for the Client's benefits.


Our gurus are the brightest minds in their separate regions and are headed to create the best possible results. By fully supporting and empowering our team members, Maxime Studio's leadership ensures great results for every client. When you choose Maxime Studio, you're adding a true partner dedicated to delivering marketing success.

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